Trivia Night – GRAMPS at Wynwood – Logos, trivia, mascots, and 90s themed music

Step 1: Come to win bragging rights with your trivia knowledge across our question round, logo round, and music round. This month it’s all about the 90s. 

Step 2: Support M.A. Milam K-8 Center in Hialeah, a deserving school serving the local community as well as taking in immigrant and foster children whose families cannot provide them with school supplies. Bring school supplies with you to fill our box or contact us to request a box from us dropped off at your office! 

We’re bringing back our famous trivia night and this time it’s for a cause as we celebrate back to school by donating the proceeds and materials from our back to school drive to some students in need.

When: 6:30pm – 9:00pm August 15th 2019

Where: GRAMPS, in Wynwood

How to go: RSVP on our Facebook page

Need a reminder of the rules?

  1. Teams of 4-6 (the more brains the better). Come with a team or join one when you’re there.
  2. Don’t be that person on your phone. No cheating.

That’s it. Play fair and have fun!

Tags: Events, Trivia
Date: Aug 2, 2019