Welcome to the AAF Miami 2020 Creative Futures Scholarship Nomination page. If you are here, it’s because you are a Miami-Dade high school teacher in a Title 1 public high school with a student(s) you want to nominate for this scholarship.

The requirements are simple:

1 – You are a teacher or CAP counselor at a Title 1 Miami – Dade public high school, and have a student(s) who you wish to nominate. You can nominate as many students as you’d like. Just fill out 1 form per student.

2 – Your student (s) should be a in their Junior or a graduating Senior who has shown an aptitude and skill for creative roles, whether design, writing, illustration, multimedia, or others.

To be considered, you will need to gather the following information from your students:

– In their own words: Write a short paragraph describing what your future plans are after graduation and how you think creative skills will help you achieve those goals.

– 2-3 samples of creative work (which you will need to submit on their behalf).

– Email address where students can be reached for award notification.

Once you have that information, please fill out the form below, and send the samples of work through Wetransfer.com to addys@aafmiami.com


First Name

Last Name