Digital Spaces Workshop Series Recap: How (and Why) to Set Up Shopify

On June 12, AAF Miami had its first ever Digital Spaces Workshop at WeWork’s Security Building in Downtown Miami. Over 50 attendees joined us to learn how and why to set up Shopify, the most sought-after ecommerce solution on the market, with our AAF president, Lucy Small, as the speaker.

The How (and Why) to Set Up Shopify workshop was the first of a monthly series of Digital Spaces Workshops. These workshops are part of AAF Miami’s new strategy to provide its members with added value by keeping them up-to-date on innovations and tools in the industry every month at an interactive talk session. Since the start of this year, we’ve created a buzz in the community through our marketing channels for like-minded industry professionals who now look for the monthly Digital Spaces Workshops as valuable, hands-on learning opportunities.

At our first Digital Spaces Workshop, attendees learned about Shopify, a tool that makes selling online easier for businesses and consumers. Shopify takes you step-by-step from coding and designing the look of your store to tracking sales and setting up SEO.

We’d like to thank our attendees for their participation at our first session. Their detailed questions, comments and feedback made the event both engaging and successful. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next workshop in August. Stay up-to-date on AAF Miami’s upcoming events to find out more about our next Digital Spaces Workshop, Getting to the Top of Google.

Tags: Digital, Events, Shopify, Spaces, Workshop
Date: Jul 1, 2018