#AdLife Trivia Night Vol.4

Calling all creative aficionados! Do you know your brands, commercials, and other advertising anecdotes? Flex your ad brain muscles for Miami’s first advertising-based trivia night! We’ve got slogans, jingles, catch phrases, logos and more.

NEW: If your subscription to AdWeek or AdAge isn’t up to date and you’re lagging behind on the ad side, not to worry! Our third category is now all about music and sound in pop culture to help you catch up with those extra points!

When? September 20 (Thursday)

Where: Ariete in the Grove

Register here.

Rules and Terms: No phones! That’s pretty much it. No one likes a cheater.

Come with a group of 2-4 or make some friends at your table. Prizes will be won!

Food and drink available at Ariete in the Grove!

Tags: Adlife, Events, Trivia
Date: Sep 10, 2018