The American Advertising Awards is one of the industry’s largest creative competitions,
attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through local club competitions.


The mission of the American Advertising Awards is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of
excellence in advertising.


The AAFMiami ADDY Awards is the first part in the three-tier, national competition.

1 – Review the Rules & Categories
2 – Review FAQ
3 – Create a new account or login in below to submit your entries
4 – Upload your files BEFORE January 24th, 2020
5 – Pay for Your Entries

As per National American Advertising Awards rules, all judging must be done blindly. In other words, judges don’t know what agency or company worked on the projects until judging is fully completed.

Aside from this key rule there are some other great ones that you might not be aware of, for example:

  • Judges cannot be from your same market. More often than not, our judges are not even from Florida.
  • Judges must be from a comparable market. In other words, markets that have similar type of work, populations, etc. Our 2019 judges were from Austin, TX, Dallas, TX and Montreal.
  • All entries are judged via our online portal, which is why having a good case study video really helps sometimes. Projects are also scored on a very specific numeric judging criteria from 1-10. (Think like the Olympics) Scores, which then get averaged automatically by the judging system.
  • Judges only speak to each other after all their scores have been recorded. At which point, they discuss what they think is the Best project per category.
  • 90% of the judging is done remotely, which is why we have a specific deadline. Your projects are released for judging the minute you pay for them. Late entries are the last entries to be judged. This may or may not be a good thing since judges have already seen hundreds of entries.
  • We must have at least 3 judges, and they should all come from different backgrounds. They also need to be Creative Directors, or above. In 2019 two of our judges were Executive Creative Directors. One was from a very traditional agency, while another was from a digital and creative tech shop.
  • Since we’re Miami, we always make sure that at least 1 of our judges speaks Spanish, since some entries are in Spanish.
  • No one knows the final score until all judging is completed. Not even the judges themselves.


Locally, we only award trophies to the best project of each category, and we allow the judges to pick 1 or 2 other projects that really deserve recognition sometimes called Honorable Mention, or Judges’ Choice.
However, if you want to upgrade your certificate to a trophy, or if you want to order a duplicate for your client then we can happily help you with that. Clients love this and it looks great on your shelves too. There is a fee associated with upgrading to a trophy and it varies depending on whether or not we made a custom trophy that year.
If you are interested in upgrading to a trophy, please email for more information.