AAF Miami’s School Supplies Drive

As a professional trade association, AAF Miami (and the broader AAF with over 40,000 members) prides itself on our brain power. Through business, creativity, and the varying experiences we all bring to our respective companies, we feed an industry that is always looking for the best and the smartest. It’s no surprise then that all of us here in Miami value education, and how it caters to everyone, inspiring a generation and setting them on a path that will determine the future.

Unfortunately, in our local community, many parents and schools struggle to afford basic school supplies for children. The circumstances may vary from financial hardship, immigration, special needs, homelessness, or simply too many deserving children and not enough budget to meet demand.

Regardless of the situation, we hope to ease some of that financial responsibility and do our part to empower teachers to teach, and kids to be kids, with the materials they need for lessons all the way from kindergarten to middle school.

This fall we were proud to do our part in helping the community through donating over 150 lbs of school supplies to a deserving school. From composition notebooks to binders, dividers, backpacks, glue sticks, and so much more, we were so happy to be able to provide kids and teachers with a few of the things they needed to start the year off right.

Our school supplies drive, provided in part due to the generosity of our members, a supplies drive at the University of Miami, and financial support from Xtiva Financial, is in its first year but we hope to be back. This year’s recipient, M. A. Milam K-8 in Hialeah, provides supplies and support families all over Miami and we were thrilled to replenish their depleted supplies.

We hope to continue this program again next year. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with communications@aafmiami.com.

Tags: AAF, Community, Giving
Date: Sep 10, 2018