AAF Miami’s Puppy Days!

Is there anything sweeter than playtime with pups? AAF Miami and Born Free Animal Shelter think not. In an effort to bring a little midday stress relief to offices and agencies around Miami, the 2 organizations teamed up to deliver 8 puppies searching for loving homes and owners to offices for playdates.

Photography by ImageMe Photography

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to WeWork Security BuildingWeWork Lincoln RoadWeWork Coral GablesO & G PRRBB Communications, and the Miami Design District for their contribution to both the Shelter and their employees’ well-being by participating in the program and bringing these puppies to their offices for the day. A huge shoutout also goes to the members and volunteers from the shelter who donated their time and efforts to create a super successful and fun event for both the employees and the puppies.

AAF Miami makes it a priority to be involved in the community and bring people together for a great cause. Our puppy playdates provided a break from the everyday anxiety of the workplace–providing stress relief to employees, an opportunity for many people to get up from their desks and daily grind and get down and playful with the puppies. We also successfully found loving families for all the pups and raised over $5,000 for Born Free Animal Shelter.

AAF Miami strives to create events that will provide a positive impact in the community. Stay tuned to find out about AAF Miami’s upcoming events.

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Date: Jul 5, 2018